As we are a small business basically taking profits from our main business to see if we can make this work and get a large volume of affordable housing out there in a short period of time. Any help from the government not only financial but also reducing red tape won’t only help us it would also benefit the people that need housing.

We have tried supplying our products (sometimes free) during fires and floods and have had little success as it just turns into chaos and no one knows what is going on. We have had interest from the local member from Murwillmbah NSW after the town was devastated in the last round of floods, with any luck we will be able to get in quickly and help relieve some housing issues.

I had contacted the Federal Minister for housing office asking for guidance and any assistance they might offer to help out with the project. I received a email back saying there was nothing they we offering to assist. A little disappointing but we will keep trucking on and after we get some traction they may come on board to accelerate the plans.